X-mas Pictures

It took me ten whole days of desperate struggling with the camera controls to be able to
bring you my latest x-mas pictures. This is all because my selfish owner wouldn't help me!
He even threw me into the bad plushies box!!! (Bad, bad human!)

This is a very blurry picture of all of us plushies sitting on the couch. Needless to say my
owner is a bad photographer, even forgetting to set the zoom properly! I missed his joint
tenant so much, who used to take the pictures before.

All of us before the fireplace. We can stay there for hours just watching the fire. It's so

Those you don't know yet:

This teddy bear is Vanille. He belong to my owner's mother. He keeps complaining she
doesn't talk to him very much so he was happy to see us coming. He never had so many
friends before!

This cute little penguin is Tux. He belongs to my owner and we brought him back home.

Behold the terrifying Memou! He is very kind and we all love him... from a distance. His
hair is falling everywhere he goes!

More of my sweet memories later. *Maf!*
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I'm back!

Hi everyone! I missed you sooo much! I unexpectedly went on a wonderful Xmas trip to my owner's parents' home.
They don't have a computer there, let alone Internet, so I couldn't update! Here are a few pics of my vacation.
I'll tell more stories about it later. *Maf!*
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Xmas songs on radio

I'd like to listen to the Xmas songs on radio but neither
my owner or his friend is going to turn it on for me! And
I can't turn it on myself since my paws are too big! All I
can do is stare at that small little silver box and hope
that somehow, someone will realize my torment, or that the
radio will somehow magically turn itself on, or something.
But nothing happens.

So long my friends,

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Lord of the Remote Control

Starting from today, I'll keep the remote control under close watch.
I will not allow it to disappear *ever again*...
If anyone needs it he will need to ask for my permission.

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After asking everyone and looking everywhere, we finally found the remote control.
Guess what??? Mwof had it!!!
We should have seen that one coming, since Mwof's primary purpose is to hold
remote controls in the first place. (*duh*)
I thought he could never move on his own, though...

More of my adventures next post. *Maf!*
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Remote control Quest

How about Fluffy and Fluffy ?
Let's hear what they have to say o_O;

"Can't we have some privacy please?"


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Remote control frenzy

I asked Nounours about the remote control. Here's what he said:
"I didn't do it I SWEAR!!! Everyone believes black teddy bears
are just a bunch of remote control thieves but THIS IS NOT TRUE.
We are very cute and lovely."

I don't know what to think. How about you people?

*Maf!* ^_^
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